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Mike Serpentelli has 15+ years experience as a self taught sound designer, composer, voice over actor, visual editor, as well as many

years experience in retail management.

As Vice President of Animation Stewdio, Serpentelli worked for such clients as HBO, Nickelodeon, Viriva Credit Union and Glaxo-Smith Kline.

Serpentelli has also worked as a sound designer, composer and editor on numerous independent films including ‘Once Upon a Time’, which won Best Soundtrack at the New York Expo of Short Films.

Recently Serpentelli completed editing visuals and sound for ‘Came Out Kicked Out’, an animated documentary of a homeless transgendered youth.

Kickstarter promo video

Inflatable hair piece, to much maitenanace.

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Boo's new home.

Experimental Odds and Ends

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Fun with Photoshop & Stuff

I really should have bought the hat.

Independent Films

If only I was really conducting the orchestra

Caught my eye.

When Boo's not in the mood for a walk, what do you do? Film it and add original music. Enjoy!

  • RSD Awareness - Voice over1:46

Original Music & Voice Over

Sometimes I have to manage things.

  • monday morn2:59

Spleen McQueen and his side kick Artie the appendix are keeping the big city safe.
In this episode the Mad Bladder is on his radar.

Concept / Sound Design / Music / Editing by   Mike Serpentelli


Spleen                   William F. Delgatto

Arty                        Andrew Gilmore

Mrs Lung               Janet Gilmore

Mr Lung                 Hugh Gilmore

Mad Bladder          Mike Serpentelli

Mortal Spoof was done to promote an upcoming Indie video game.

After Effects Fun.

  • 0:17

Logo Design and Banner Ads for Campus Consumer.

The GSK website was designed to introduce college students to the world of Pharmaceutical sales and advertising.

Meerkat photo bomb

Animated Gifs

  • into your blood4:50

Crane Stance, kicking bass on Kentucky Lake